Setting of sewing machines – how to configure the machine


Each seamstress will agree that the setting up of sewing machines always requires skill and skills. Understanding the device and design their equipment, you can perform all the necessary activities to service cars and to achieve the perfect quality sewing. Setting the sewing machine will not be tedious and time consuming, if time and correctly to implement it. So you can avoid breakdowns, save time, nerves and money on repairs. To set up the equipment, you can invoke the wizard, but much more interesting and more practical to learn how to configure your machine yourself. Подробнее «Setting of sewing machines – how to configure the machine»

Operation of the sewing machine – instructions for the machine


Correct operation of the sewing machine – the key to its long life. This technique could be a reliable assistant for a long term and more pleasing to its owner than upset, it is important to use it and care for it. And all of the rules contains a manual sewing machine. Therefore, buying new equipment, it is very important to read the user manual to the end and then sit at the sewing. The mistake here is that after reading the first pages of the manual to the car, they immediately commence operation, learning everything by trial and error. Подробнее «Operation of the sewing machine – instructions for the machine»

Oil for sewing machines – how to lubricate the machine


Still alive and not alive in need of lubrication. Without the lubricant, will not work, neither the mechanism nor the cells of a living organism. Most people, purchasing a sewing machine, don’t even think about the fact that oil for sewing machines is one of the important components of long work machines. They think that or not very often use their device, or think of that oil, which handles the device before the sale, will last you a lifetime. But it is absolutely wrong idea. After all, oil for the sewing machine is practically no different from car oil. For example, to drive a few miles on the car without oil – already a feat. In the same way as to flash the product on the machine, not the processed oil. Подробнее «Oil for sewing machines – how to lubricate the machine»

The organization of the workplace of a seamstress how to arrange lighting etc.


Incorrectly located the workplace of a seamstress or even its absence can considerably spoil your mood. Tune in a working mood will be difficult. If all attributes for tailoring located in different places, before starting work, you will have to spend a lot of time to get it all right, and after the work clean the working place and position. That is why if you are actively sewing, the organization of the workplace seamstresses will help you get from work is a pleasure, and not be distracted by all sorts of stuff. Подробнее «The organization of the workplace of a seamstress how to arrange lighting etc.»

How to choose a sewing machine for home and buy – rating machines


Lovers to Express themselves and original way to stand out in the crowd sooner or later face the necessity to choose a sewing machine for the home. After all, things designed and made by hand, and always will be unique and emphasize individuality. However, it is not enough to buy a sewing machine for the home. You should choose which of the many available at the moment models can be indispensable helper for you. Подробнее «How to choose a sewing machine for home and buy – rating machines»

Where to buy a sewing machine (shop machinery and equipment)


For those who are wondering where to buy a sewing machine, the options can be many: from the possibility to buy a sewing machine BU, and ending with the fact, to contact specialized in sales of sewing equipment salon or via the Internet. Specialized salons can help those who do not quite understand what kind of car he wants to buy and needs to be detailed and informative advice. In such institutions it is possible not only to see firsthand the proposed product, but even to try the machine in operation. And here is a quick and simple sewing machine buy online store will help those who don’t like a lot of walking in search equipment. Подробнее «Where to buy a sewing machine (shop machinery and equipment)»

Sewing machine repair Seagull at home with your own hands

Not so long ago to repair sewing machines «Chaika» was almost the main direction of the sewing workshops. Fail they often both then and today. But given that to date this sewing machine had to give way to new and more contemporary models to repair, they shall be extremely rare. And the master is not very willingly undertake to repair outdated Gulls. If you do not hurry to part with his assistant, or she sentimental value, you’ll need to learn sewing machine repair at home. So you can not only save money, but also give a second (or third etc) life my dear Chaika. Подробнее «Sewing machine repair Seagull at home with your own hands»

Pedal for sewing machines – repair

Faulty foot pedal for sewing machine can bring a lot of trouble when operating this equipment. Even if the machine does not stop entirely and be responsive on the pedal, it can gleaning momentum, or, conversely, without gradual acceleration to break on to maximum rpm, and may respond after only a few pushes on the pedal… anyway, in case of breakage of the foot pedal to the sewing machine stitching becomes impossible. Подробнее «Pedal for sewing machines – repair»

Sewing machine repair Podolsk 142

Despite the onset of the 21st century, the sewing machine Podolsk class 2M is still quite common. This is a simple sewing machine, usually with hand, foot and rarely drive. Morally it is outdated and you can buy it for a symbolic price. Also repair sewing machines Podolsk may do more of her. But, despite the rather expensive sewing machine repair Podolsk, their many uses, and it has many causes. Подробнее «Sewing machine repair Podolsk 142»