Create a velvet bag-make-up «Capri» nautical theme


I often get emails with questions about the technology of sewing and embroidery my velvet handbags, the material and cut, but one of the most common topics of the letters with the wording «I really want to make a handbag, but are afraid of the velvet and the difficulty of working with him.» Yes, rightly considered, that velvet is one of the most capricious and difficult materials for sewing, but I urge you not to be afraid and to get acquainted with this wonderful Royal material with the help of my master class.

Seeing the announcement of the contest Swarovski and using materials from this company in all their products, I decided to create my first master class on the creation of cosmetics in summer, Maritime theme. First, because I live by the sea, that is, in the literal sense, with him and love him endlessly, and secondly, I really want all of craftswomen, whose objective reasons, are unable to buy ready-made velvet bag that would be able to make it to the soul with his hands.

As a PostScript to his monologue I want to add: don’t be afraid to experiment! And don’t be afraid of failure: the more complex the task, the better and more interesting will be its outcome and satisfaction from the done and finished work. Immediately aim for perfection — starting with the first pattern of the first embroidery and the most trifling details. Ugly line and curve, sketch the damaged, the wrong size and the lack of symmetry is really a hundred percent reason to throw the work in the trash and start all over again. But verified and quality made the result will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions. Подробнее «Create a velvet bag-make-up «Capri» nautical theme»

Sew a handbag from old jeans or any fabric


The purpose of this master class:

1. An example of «artistic recycling» unwanted tissue.

2. Build a clear algorithm, following which, any skilled worker, familiar with sewing, you can make a handbag out of any fabric, using the minimum of materials and tools.

3. Just a small experiment to decoupage on the skin.

So, let’s begin. I’ll be sewing a purse the daughter of her jeans that got too short. By the way, I had the leg bottom, so that from the top of the knee will turn out summer shorts. Подробнее «Sew a handbag from old jeans or any fabric»

Sew handbag-beautician


We will need:
denim fabric;
cotton fabric;
bulk of the interlining;
threads for hand stitching;
This master-class on making handbags cosmetics bags are very simple and affordable even for those who do not have special skills and extensive experience in sewing. Our beautician will be companion to the already finished purse Подробнее «Sew handbag-beautician»

Master class: sew a textile purse


External the front of the purse.

Consists of parts:

1. Facial part. Size 21×30 cm

2. A soft liningI have a cotton filler. Will make our wallet megadactylus pleasant to the touch. You can replace protogenia sintepon. Size 21×30 cm

3. Any sealer for fabricI have interlining. Size 21×30 cm

4. Internal part. Size 21×30 cm

5. Sealer for bags based on the adhesive. Three parts21х9 cm, 21х9 cm, 21х7 see

6. Magnetic closure. You can replace the button. Подробнее «Master class: sew a textile purse»

Master class: sew a handbag in the style of «borough»


We will need:

— linen and cotton fabrics;

voluminous non-woven or polyester;

glue stick;

denim thread;

metal fittings.

For manufacturing of this bag, it is preferable to choose fabrics, cotton, as well as they bloom along the edge. The size of the finished bag 21 x 23 cm Cut prepared fabric for patches of arbitrary shape is right or wrong. I chose rectangles and squares. Some pieces can be slightly razlomalis. Подробнее «Master class: sew a handbag in the style of «borough»»

Sew denim bag with flap decorated with a patchwork unit «the monkey’s paw»


Many fans of patchwork in their «bins» hold on to old jeans in the hope that some of them sew. And there are those who is that old pair of jeans uses as source material for his patchwork creation.
As any housewife with a large family (son, daughter, grandson, husband, sister, friend, brother and a bunch of other relatives), in my building gathered a huge number of denim clothing, which has «outlived its time». But «jeans» is a pretty durable and high-quality material, the hand does not rise to throw it. So I got the idea to sew bags and backpacks of these things. What? They will not shed and will not be hooked. Things and denim is always in fashion.
Do you have old jeans? Together, let’s give them a new life!
I suggest you to sew a bag with flap, decorated with a patchwork unit «the monkey’s paw». For this bags we will need scraps of jeans from two contrasting colors, scissors, thread, needles, zipper, lining cloth, paper, tracing paper, interlining, ruler. And of course, a good mood! Подробнее «Sew denim bag with flap decorated with a patchwork unit «the monkey’s paw»»