Sew a cosmetics bag-chest out of felt


Titmouse warbling derive the spring, sparrows squawking in the bushes like crazy, and it seems that bloom snowdrops. But it’s too early. Another ski season is in full swing. Oh! You gotta do everything yourself!

With that mindset I set to work. Felt went perfectly. He is easy to work, does not fray, and the uneven, smoky-gray color has become an interesting background for embroidery. About how you created the drawing, you can make a separate master class. Here I will tell you how to cut out and sew a purse. Подробнее «Sew a cosmetics bag-chest out of felt»

Sew a pretty spring makeup bag out of felt and fabric


Offer a distinguished audience along with me to sew a very spring make-up bag. In this tutorial I wanted (at the same time) to show how you can combine felt with other materials, for example, with cloth, left him, and at the same time, the main working material.

We will need: stiff felt 1.2 mm thick, matching fabric, a little glue interlining, zipper and decorative elements — adresochek cotton lace, thermal image and light felt for her, and the metal terminal.

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Cute textile kit


Quite spontaneously in my mind was born the idea to sew the whale, and next to it the idea to shoot a master class. Pattern found online, a source (sort of) turned out to be some foreign girl, if I’m wrong — correct me. The pattern I transformed a bit, did a little whale gorbatii and just changed the fin. If you want to make the whale very tidy (as in children’s cartoons), it can be done very simply — just hand draw it rounder as much as you need it, while maintaining the length of the top of, or directly proportional to do not forget to lengthen the lower part. Let’s get started. Подробнее «Cute textile kit»

Sew purse-bag


You will need tools and materials:

needles for applique;
the thread is preferably 100% cotton;
paper for freezing;
Japanese textured cotton;
adhesive for textiles;
paint for textiles;
fabric for patchwork, USA, bright colors with motion blur;
needle for quilting;
frame for sakvoyazhika two-piece size 4*10 cm;
Japanese lightning 23 cm.
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Adorable Easter basket with your own hands


Since childhood real spring holiday for me was Easter. How many can remember — always on this day the sun was shining, had been removed in sofas and cabinets winter clothes, none of the adults did not have to go to work, our entire extended family gathered at the table and rejoiced the long-awaited warmth and the coming summer. And how much fun it was with my mom and sisters to dye eggs and preparing for such a wonderful holiday! And although now we with mum live in different cities, I continue this tradition with my husband that our future children this holiday evoked only positive emotions :) And I suggest you to do with me nice Souvenirs for the loved ones of people!

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