Barbie doll 2016 handmade jewelry box, hidden under her dress


This collection contains 100 papers a professional seamstress, masters of handmade. For many years, she makes simple Barbie dolls, which buys in the store, real masterpieces. Unique outfits, new hairthat’s not all! These Barbie dolls under dress hidden jewelry box. So, if give a hand, you can make two gifts in oneAny girl and woman will be delighted with this surprise! Any girl and woman will be delighted with this surprise! And you will remember and speak only good words.
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48 Barbie doll dresses pink color


We present to your attention an excellent collection of 48 Barbie dolls. All of them have in common is that they are dressed in pink dresses. It is handmade and is a perfect gift for any girl or girl who loves Barbie dolls in original dresses. It is also interesting that this is not just a doll, and a gift box. If you raise your dress, then it will be under a lovely box, in which you can store your jewelry. Therefore, it is not just a toy, but great for interior. Подробнее «48 Barbie doll dresses pink color»

11 Barbie dolls handmade for interior


Let’s see what beautiful dolls can be made of ordinary BarbieUnique master of the handmaiden makes Barbie dolls are real works of art! Moreover, she didn’t just sew them outfits and accessories. Under the hem of each dollthe box is about the size of a Cup where you can store jewelry or valuables, to use as a piggy Bank and so on. The dolls themselves appear in the images of famous heroines Carmen, Scarlett, Princess Budur, Anna Karenina. Подробнее «11 Barbie dolls handmade for interior»