Sewing overlock Brother 4234D – feedback brother


If you are professionally engaged in sewing, no sewing serger you can not do. Professional serger Brother will help your products don’t vary from the factory. He came out not so long ago, and have not yet managed to gain a foothold in the market and collect a lot of feedback. But its owners have left reviews about Brother by which you can easily determine the true quality of this sewing equipment from brother. Подробнее «Sewing overlock Brother 4234D – feedback brother»

How to choose coverlock and buy the best


For sewing knitwear one only sewing machine cost is quite difficult. Additionally, you may need a serger, resposible, coverlock. This equipment is designed for knitwear. But before you choose coverlock, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with the device, principle of operation and differences from other sewing equipment. This will help to understand, indeed it is necessary, and what coverlock to buy. Подробнее «How to choose coverlock and buy the best»

How to choose a sewing serger and buy the best


Many stores offer a wide choice of sewing equipment, among which there are sofas, armchairs as professional, industrial, and household, different models and manufacturers (Brother, Janome, Toyota, Merrylock, Singer, Pfaff). So it is understandable that arriving at the store, the buyer is involuntarily lost. Overlock – how to choose, so it was most appropriate? You can offer your advice sellers. However, they can help sewing serger buy only if you know exactly what and why you need to choose. Подробнее «How to choose a sewing serger and buy the best»

Sewing machine with overlock – how to select the right machine


Today in many stores sewing machine with overlock presented a wide assortment to choose from which is not always easy. And buying such a versatile equipment, it is important to examine not only the technical characteristics and parameters of the sewing machine, but also to think about what should be serger – how to choose and what to pay attention to. Подробнее «Sewing machine with overlock – how to select the right machine»