Foot sewing machine – buy a machine with such a drive?


With the advent of modern models foot sewing machine, not so long ago very popular, has gradually given way to innovations. And although some domestic manufacturers ceased to produce them, the Swiss and the Japanese firm are confident that a cheap sewing machine foot will always be in demand, and those who want to buy it is always there. Those who decided to buy a sewing foot machine, appreciate quality and reliability. Подробнее «Foot sewing machine – buy a machine with such a drive?»

Sewing machine with a treadle device and repair of machines, Zinger, Podolsk, Seagull


Today a sewing machine with a treadle such as Seagull, Podolsk, singer, or considered as an attribute of the past, rather antique value, Antiques, than of sewing equipment. However, in many homes this car continues to occupy a place of honor and a great pleasure to continue to use it. However, given that the sewing machine is a treadle supplanted by newer and improved models of modern sewing machines, its maintenance becomes increasingly problematic. To buy the necessary parts is almost impossible, as they quite simply been released. And workshops refuse to accept such ancient machines. All that remains to do to happy owners of sewing machines singer or Podolsk is to learn how to repair and adjust it myself. Подробнее «Sewing machine with a treadle device and repair of machines, Zinger, Podolsk, Seagull»

Industrial sewing machines – should I buy such equipment?


For large-scale production process involving production sewing, household sewing machines ineffective. For this purpose, used industrial sewing machines. Among them distinguish lockstitch machines, overlock, interlock, clocks, buttonhole and sewing on buttons, as well as reciprocating and circular knives, Ironing and other equipment. Industrial sewing equipment is very different from a regular household power, functionality, and other parameters. Подробнее «Industrial sewing machines – should I buy such equipment?»

Household sewing machines (household machines)


: Door interlock the machine just needed a good sewing knitted materials. Its direct purpose is the implementation of elastic joints used for accurate closing of the cut turned-edge products. Processed resposible products can withstand a lot of stretching. For example, you can see this by looking at the ACC any t-shirts or a swimsuit. The most common are: household appliances in industrial sewing. Such industrial equipment is not affordable for everyone. However, there are: household sewing machine for domestic use. They have a slightly different device (simplified) and are much cheaper than the industry. Manufacturing equipment: office equipment spetsializiruyutsya many famous manufacturers (e.g., Juki, Janome, Brother). Подробнее «Household sewing machines (household machines)»

Manual sewing machine – whether to buy, reviews, device


For those who love to feel confident in any situation, solution manual sewing machine to buy is one of the most correct. It is indispensable in any economy. Manual sewing machine a receives the most positive reviews by professional tailors, who recognize the indispensability of this mini equipment on a trip outside the city or in the country, and from people who sew from time to time when required by necessity. Подробнее «Manual sewing machine – whether to buy, reviews, device»

Manual mini sewing machine – reviews


Obviously, the manual sewing machine reviews are many and varied. If you don’t sew too often and are not a professional seamstress, this option is for you. It is seen that manual mini sewing machine reviews «plus sign» gets from users, who appreciate the beauty, neatness in the home, as well as your time and money. Sewing machine (mini) should be in every home and under the arm of every housewife. Подробнее «Manual mini sewing machine – reviews»

Mini sewing machine – buy a machine?


Each house must be at least a mini sewing machine. And even if the things you go to the store or sew in the Studio, to patch, to stitch rasproschalsya line, to cut and process the edge of the skirt or pants – something that should handle any hostess yourself. And indispensable assistant in the implementation of such simple operations can be manual sewing machine mini. She is easy to handle and to use it can even a person very far from sewing. Подробнее «Mini sewing machine – buy a machine?»

Old sewing machine – is it worth it to buy a car singer?


Currently on the world market, many companies offer a wide range of home appliances, without which it is almost impossible to imagine a modern house. But for a long time sewing machine – the old assistants of any housewife. And while the new is constantly replacing their predecessors, in some homes today still has the old sewing machine singer, which has a very interesting history. Подробнее «Old sewing machine – is it worth it to buy a car singer?»

Hand sewing machine — reviews about portable, for sewing on buttons, industrial and heavy duty

Hand sewing machine

From time to time everyone is forced to visit the studio of clothing repair. Not everyone has an expensive sewing machine at home. It makes no sense to buy it for a few minor repairs. Handheld sewing machine can serve as a good alternative. How to use handheld sewing machine? It is not difficult to understand it yourself. A small handheld sewing machine has many advantages: it copes with simple repairs and thus inexpensive, compact and easy-to-use. Подробнее «Hand sewing machine — reviews about portable, for sewing on buttons, industrial and heavy duty»

Sewing machine for quilting

Sewing machine for quilting

The quilting is a wonderful form to express their creativity through sewing. What is needed for a perfect seam, which may urge you to create the next masterpiece? It’s definitely your imagination and a quality sewing machine for quilting. However, how to choose a sewing machine? How to determine whether you need a sewing machine with a long or medium sleeve for quilting? In this issue of critical importance is the choice of a machine that most suits your requirements and fits your tastes. Подробнее «Sewing machine for quilting»