Sew purse-bag

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sew purse-bag.

You will need tools and materials:

needles for applique;
the thread is preferably 100% cotton;
paper for freezing;
Japanese textured cotton;
adhesive for textiles;
paint for textiles;
fabric for patchwork, USA, bright colors with motion blur;
needle ;
frame for sakvoyazhika two-piece size 4*10 cm;
Japanese lightning 23 cm.

1. Create the application format 11*12 cm, we add the sides of each size of 5.5*12 cm


2. Add the back 17.5 cm*20 cm, Skive.

3. Make the sandwich inside out can be absolutely no fabric, then it closes the wrong Japanese cloth. Use the filler 150 ku.

4. Spread, as pictured.

Sew all three layers on the short side, indent 6 mm, the excess batting cut away as pictured.


5. Begin to whip the contour of the figure.

Fill the space with circles randomly. When you manually use the quilting needle for quilting 25 mm, introduce the needle vertically, the needle 3 stitch dialed. The stitches and the distance between them strive for sameness, for example, to 2 mm.

6. The edges of the three layers should die of approximately 6 mm as pictured

7. Have a zipper, center zipper to the center of the workpiece, is listed on the photo pins.

Placed the zipper as pictured and sew the zipper on his hands.

8. Razotajiem side seams, the seam does not reach the zipper 15 mm!

And the stitched area, do the layout using a square with 45 degree, if displacement occurs, to do something more advanced position, not panicking.

When sewn the zipper, left 6 mm bent.

If you remove at this stage, so be it.

9. Doing inside out, the exact size as the workpiece. The side seams do not reach the region of 15 mm as in the photo.

I put the tack in the beginning and end of the seam.

Side seams razotajiem, and also laid line of the area.

10. Sew the zipper on his hands with the second hand.

Leave the zipper laterally 3-4 cm.

11. Wrenched inside out and wear as pictured.

Sew on the hands, the photo shows that we have to the lightning does not reach 15 mm.

12. Wrenched on the front side and manually do the stitches indented from lightning 12, 14 or 15 mm. Then as you like, and depends on the thickness of frames and size of the product.

To push frame, black rubber zaglushki better off, after you insert frames, they can be again put.

13. When open frames with two sides that effect. Attention! It turns out the width of the frames is slightly narrower than the Central part with the applique.

Accordingly, the narrower the bottom, the wider would be the lower part of cosmetics.

14. Where left 15 mm, sew up tightly, to stabilize the frame. I sewed the wrong side facing. The effect of the cut left.

15. And plug the other repeat of the master class.

Attention! Plugs into the lightning put the smaller the product, the smaller the diameter of the stub (bent zipper more).

*** Mark on the fabric plugs for the lightning round of 2 plain, 2 with flowers.

Prismriver small stitch and pull the thread of the fixed node.

If the stub is less than 28 mm (large cap not put on small make-up bag!), in my case, 25 mm, edge zippered 1.5 mm folded to the wrong side, saliva pin as pictured. Start to sew a hidden stitch two circles better with center zipper, then the tip of the zipper will be secured and will not move.

For the master-class bag plugs used with a diameter of 15 mm.

And photos of the finished work.

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