Sewing machine AstraLux 100 – reviews

Sewing machine AstraLux 100

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing machine AstraLux 100 – reviews.

Popular sewing machine, AstraLux for 40 years of its existence, earned the recognition of customers from different countries. Liked it and domestic masters. Therefore, trade mark, AstraLux 100 feedback from them gets very good, sometimes even enthusiastic. To find this sewing machine for both beginner and professional. Because the models are simple Electromechanical machines, and computerized capable of performing hundreds of operations. Get acquainted with the stated modification.

Sewing machine Astralux 100 – reviews

Household electro-mechanical sewing machine, AstraLux 100 is characterized by simplicity, reliability and affordable price. Compared to its fancy sisters, it performs a total of 9 operations, but the most popular. Will easily cope with dense thick material.

Sewing machine AstraLux 100

General characteristics sewing machine Astralux 100

  • The Shuttle is oscillating
  • Disable the feed material is
  • Reverse button (return) – there is
  • Light – true

Sewing surgery:

  • Number – 9
  • Loop is done by machine
  • Lines – overloka, slip, elastic, elastic secret
  • Max stitch length – 4 mm
  • Max width is 5 mm

Package contents:
Foot for sewing the zipper, hemming foot, overlooka.


  • Platform for the sleeves – there is
  • Box for small items have
  • Case – soft
  • Weight – 6 kg

6-segmented rack-conveyor, auto idling when winding thread on a bobbin.

Astralux 100 – customer reviews

Sewing machine AstraLux 100

Household sewing machine 100 AstraLux earned good reviews from buyers-men. Yes, your comments on the famous site left by a man. Enjoy the car its compact. One of them took a plastic case and made sure that the frame is completely cast that tells about its reliability.

Dignity. Low cost. Very easy to use. All figured out without the instructions.
Operates quietly, at high speed vibrates slightly. The welds are very good. Keeps a good place in the different tissues.

Liked the packaging. Good equipment. Buy thread Shay! One reviewer said that the machine copes with any fabrics. He and a linen shirt hemmed, and repaired sleeve leather jackets.

The other guy purchased it for sewing canvas. Coped with no problems. Also, made soft and warm rugs for the dogs and alter them collars. The machine was not adjusted, remained the «store settings». In addition to the above, it can sew on buttons, to do the loop. At the end of his review, the guy said that sewing machine the money fulfills more than 100 %. He is planning to alter the seat covers of the car.

Disadvantages. Soft cover, which is useful only against dust. Sewing machine for transportation, it will not protect.

Comments. One of the buyers says that long chose the model and manufacturer. It is no secret that collect any sewing equipment in China or Taiwan. On the company’s website, AstraLux he found interesting video about this company. Was shown to the Assembly process. This is being bribed. And Yes sales consultants often advise this brand. The purchase has been successful!

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