Sewing machine AstraLux 9820

Sewing machine AstraLux 9820 – reviews

Sewing machine AstraLux 9820
AstraLux 9820

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing machine  AstraLux 9820 – reviews.

Sewing machine AstraLux is versatile and very practical for both professional sewing and household use. The main thing – to choose the right model. And the choice of sewing machines, AstraLux abound. The fact that you decided to see what AstraLux 9820 has the reviews – it is the right decision. Overall, the reviews of the sewing equipment of this company is positive. But knowing in advance about possible problems and shortcomings of a particular model, you can protect yourself from disappointments and unpleasant surprises.

Sewing machine AstraLux 9820

Specifically, this sewing machine has a number of advantages over its predecessors. Sewing machine, AstraLux has always been distinguished by convenience and versatility. But in this model, in addition to the standard set of functions (such as adjusting pressure of the presser foot on the fabric, reverse button, lighting, display, free arm, needle threader, compartment for accessories) also has an electronic stabilizer efforts puncture, sewing in multiple directions, the system of measure of the size of the buttons.

You should pay attention that the adjustment speed is stepped and not smooth. The sewing machine can make sewing operations 406, to perform the 11 types of loops. By the statements of people, this is enough not only for sewing but also for creativity. The kit already includes some types of feet: for quilting, for sewing the zipper, overlooka for hemming foot for sewing buttons.

Sewing machine AstraLux – reviews, dignity and disadvantages

Dignity. For reviews shows that functionality, AstraLux 9820 enough for most consumers. Almost everyone is happy. It is used not only for basic work but also to run the Princess seams. Even embroider using a Hoop.

The reviews noted the simplicity and ease of use. Even a child of six has mastered the work on this sewing machine.

Disadvantages. One shopper in the review noticed that the machine, though versatile, but for a full set of functions required foot. And, as it turned out, finding them is not so easy.

Also there are wishes for more power (at least 85W, 70W is available). It is worth paying attention, as in the description of this information is not specified.

Comments. One of the buyers called machine 9820 miracle machine. She fully repay beautifully sewn things, if of her to cherish.

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Sewing machine AstraLux 9900-9910
Sewing machine AstraLux 9900-9910

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