Sewing machine AstraLux 9900-9910 – reviews

Sewing machine AstraLux 9900-9910
Sewing machine AstraLux 9910

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing machine, AstraLux 9900-9910 – reviews.

Sewing machine, AstraLux is very popular in many countries. Over several decades on the market the manufacturer of this company has established itself with a pretty good hand. This is evidenced by the many about the, AstraLux 9900 user reviews, which in most cases satisfied with the purchase of sewing machines and expressed about her work.

Sewing machine AstraLux 9900-9910

Sewing machine AstraLux 9900
AstraLux 9900

Sewing machine, AstraLux model 9900-9910 is electronic, with rotary horizontal hook type. It provides pressure adjustment of the foot, disabling feeder fabric, reverse button, free arm, needle threader, display, lighting. In short, in this model of sewing machine designed almost everything for the convenience and comfort of sewing. Not only the embroidery unit.

This sewing equipment is able to run 500 different operations and 11 different loops. This sewing machine can do stitches up to 4.5 mm long and to 7 mm wide. As you can see, the possibilities, AstraLux have a wide range that I really appreciate, judging by the reviews, buyers.

Sewing machine, AstraLux – reviews, dignity and disadvantages

Sewing machine AstraLux 9900-9910

You can conclude that AstraLux 9900-9910 quite convenient and versatile sewing machine that meets the requirements for and fully justifying its mandated expectations.

Dignity. This files most often among the positive reviews note that the sewing machine can cope with different types of fabrics. And even mentioned that I tried to sew faux leather 4 layers, and it went through, albeit with difficulty.

Like the fact that there are many kinds of lines, executes them smoothly and efficiently.
Does not work very noisy. Very convenient control panel, and on the electronic scoreboard provides clear and useful tips.

Those who have problems with vision, rated auto widewater thread in the needle. It comes with 14 pads which change is easy and simple.

Disadvantages. Fans of fast work complaining about the lack of speed.

In one of the reviews the customer had on the second day to exchange a sewing machine in the shop because of problems with the Shuttle. And two weeks later she went down autolevel thread. Perhaps it is a coincidence.

More in reviews such grievances are not met at sewing machines, AstraLux.

Comments. In General, the machine 9910 nice. Happy customers and good sewing many kinds of fabrics using different threads.

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