Sewing machine AstraLux XP-45 – reviews

Sewing machine AstraLux XP-45
AstraLux XP-45

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing machine, AstraLux XP-45 – reviews.

«Sewing is fun!» the motto of the brand, the brainchild of which is a sewing machine, AstraLux. In 40 years of its activity the company, in the shops where there are these machines, has earned international recognition and is the market leader in Russia. Its products are designed for sewing professionals and beginners. Therefore, AstraLux XP-45 feedback one receives from the qualified and detailed or enthusiastic and emotional. Next will be analyzed, and until we look at the model.

Sewing machine AstraLux XP-45

Electromechanical domestic sewing machine, AstraLux XP-45 is simple and reliable, wide range of different features and an affordable price. Has the certificate of conformity to Russian state Standards. Handles the different types of fabrics, ranging from silk and ending with the drape. Will easily cope with the knitted material.

Sewing machine AstraLux XP-45 stitches

General characteristics sewing machine AstraLux XP-45

  • Shuttle type – horizontal rotary
  • Speed control of sewing – smooth
  • Regulation of pressure foot – there is
  • Reverse button (return) – there is
  • Switch the position of the needle is
  • Light – true

Sewing surgery:

  • Number – 29
  • Loop is done by machine
  • Lines – overloka, slip, elastic, elastic secret
  • Max stitch length – 4 mm
  • Max width – 7 mm

Package contents:
Paws for quilting, overloa, for sewing buttons, for sewing the zipper, hemming foot.


  • Platform for the sleeves – there is
  • Needle threader – is
  • Drawer for accessories – there are
  • Case hard
  • Weight – 10.2 kg

The start/stop button, double-needle stitching, 6-segmented rack-conveyor.

AstraLux – customer reviews. 

Household sewing machine, AstraLux (model XP-45) has earned excellent reviews.
Advantages noted by customers. Inexpensive, simple to operate, performs many functions. Even a novice can understand in a few minutes. Not noisy. Takes all tissues.

One of the girls who left a review, use sewing machine repair and sewing clothes, sewing furniture covers, curtains, quilts and even for patchwork. Once she had overlock stitching process very crumbling furniture fabric, and the result is beautiful.

Reliable. All parts are metal. The foot pedal can not connect because there is a start/stop button.

In other reviews, the owners of which use a sewing machine for several years, is also say that it takes different material from organza to drape. The lines are perfectly straight. Thread a needle inserts itself. Included are many of the legs, which are easy to change. Like the hard case better protects the parts of the machine.

Disadvantages. A few people noted a small lamp for illumination. Dark. Have to put a table lamp.

Not very roomy compartment for small items.

One girl complained that often change the bed of the Shuttle. Changed already 4 times. What is it? A factory defect or bad luck? The rest of it is sewing machine is very happy.

Comments left by users, mainly contain a recommendation to purchase. Someone who at first doubted the firm, but do not want to overpay for the brand. And now does not regret. The choice is not wrong!

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