Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60

Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60 – reviews

Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60
Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60 – reviews.

Often in stores you can find sewing machine Brother, and salespeople are usually recommended to buy equipment of this famous brand. Confirm good quality Brother reviews of satisfied customers who have purchased a sewing machine or other equipment of this company.

Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60

Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60e
Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60e

This multifunction sewing machine Brother able, judging by the number of possible lines and loops to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts, from time to time engaged in sewing as well as professionals who sew every day.

Electronic sewing machine Brother is the adjustment of the pressure foot, turning off the feed mechanism, reverse button, the system measuring the size of the buttons, lights, needle threader. Unlike other more simple models in the sewing machine Brother Comfort 60 has a display switch position of the needle. The package also includes different types of presser feet, free arm, storage compartment for accessories, soft case.

Adjusting sewing speed this sewing machine smooth. She performs 60 sewing and 7 types of loops (automatic).

Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60— reviews

Sewing machine Brother Comfort 60e

Model sewing machine Brother Comfort 60 has very mixed reviews from owners. Meet very happy and enthusiastic statements and expressions of utter disappointment.

Dignity. Compact, convenient sewing machine. Instructions clear, even for children. A lot of legs in the kit and they are easy to change.

If you choose the right thread, needle, and the foot mode, the place definitely turns smooth and neat. All you can adjust the needle thread tension, speed, width, and stitch length.

Quite informative LCD screen. The ability to perform different decorative stitches.
Many users really appreciate the needle threader and push-button start-stop, which allows you to work without a pedal.

Brother Comfort 60 lcd

With a simple and average copes fabrics (chiffon, denim, fleece, knitwear, corduroy, wool suiting, cotton). According to one of the customers with ease coped with three layers of light fabric and a layer of batting.

Disadvantages. Plastic creates a sense of fragility and insecurity.

Often sewing machine: this model is called a seamstress.

Thin fabric does not take skips stitches and winds. Stalled, did not advance the fabric and gathers on the inside of the ball of thread. Thick a few additions too. Even with strict adherence to the thread thickness and number of the needle, sew a normal (fairly tight) jeans is great work!

There is no place for wire storage compartment for storage of small things uncomfortable.

Comments. If not, then the sewing machine immediately lets you know (by sound). The reviews are like satisfied customers, all of which meets in the cars, and those who never would have bought this model second time.

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