Janome 415-5515

Sewing machine Janome 415-5515 – reviews on Janome

Janome 415-5515

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing machine Janome 415-5515 – reviews on Janome.

For many years sewing machines Janome 415-5515 have proven themselves from the best side. They can be used as a master of tailoring, and newcomers in the business. A lot of people around the world use this brand. And do not forget to leave the sewing machine Janome reviews that tell us about the pros and cons of the product.

Janome 415-5515

sewing machine Janome 415-5515

Universal sewing machine Janome is an Electromechanical machine with an oscillating Shuttle type. They have lots of functions: from disabling feeder fabric and system of measurement of the size of the buttons to the compartment for accessories and additional lighting of the work area.
Sewing machine Janome has a wide range of possible sewing, the maximum height of presser foot lift of 11 mm, maximum stitch width 5 mm and length 4 mm. Sews all types of fabrics, from multiple layers of jeans to chiffon. It is capable to perform up to 15 different sewing operations, in combination with an additional acquisition of its capabilities and convenience for users increased.

Sewing machine Janome 415-5515 – reviews

sewing machine Janome 415

When reading customer reviews on sewing machine Janome 415-5515 develop a positive impression. The majority of the reviews are positive: it copes with those requirements which to it show.

Dignity. Many noted that the sewing machine is equipped with all the necessary operations to manage and switch between them easily. Thread the needle is threaded automatically, which is very convenient. Many sewing machine serves for more than five years and never failed.

Sewing machine strong and durable, made entirely of iron. Due to weight, does not slip on the smooth surface. No noise at work, so can work even at night. In a sewing machine Janome built a removable table, which by necessity expands the workspace. Lots of accessories, light, pouch, extra compartment for thread and woven accessories.


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Disadvantages. The sewing machine need to be lubricated often, or at work, you may receive the squeak. The thread tension must be checked periodically, as sometimes it can be reset. By itself, the machine is heavy, moving it hard. To be able, especially to the foot for loop and reverse button.

Comments. A lot of people around the world are satisfied with the work sewing machine Janome. It is great for sewing at home, and its durability and quality you will prolong the pleasure of sewing for many years.

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