Sewing machine Janome 419S / 5519 reviews about Janome

sewing machine Janome 419S-5519

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing machine Janome 419S / 5519 reviews about Janome.

A sewing machine in the house – an indispensable item for any cook. Because you often need something to sew or hem, and with a good sewing machine you will not spend a lot of time and effort. Due to the good ratio of price and quality, Janome sewing machines are becoming increasingly popular on the market. With the help of people who leave reviews on Janome 419S / 5519, you can see for yourself the quality and usefulness of this product.

Janome 419S-5519


Modern, durable, electro-mechanical sewing machine Janome have many useful features. So, thread a needle is put automatically, which is very useful for people with visual impairments. All sewing operations – 19 to work with different materials glad. The type of Shuttle at the sewing machine – oscillating.

In the sewing machine Janome is a mode in which the fabric feed is disconnected automatically. The touch of a foot on the cloth is adjustable. Also there are four types of lines: countersunk, overloa, elastic and covered elastic.

Length stitch with this sewing machine can be up to 4 mm and a width of 5 mm. Machine Janome equipped with a special compartment for your accessories, pull-out table, which you can use to expand the space for sewing, and an additional source of light that can illuminate your work area.

Janome – reviews


The majority like the convenience and sewing Janome 419S / 5519 reason many recommend them for sewing.

Dignity. Sewing machine Janome sew almost all kinds of fabrics and can sew the thick places of the product due to high presser foot lift. Inside built-in mechanism that prevents the tangling of filament in the coil.
On a sewing machine is worn hard case that will protect not only from dust, but from external damage.

In the reviews often note that the machine is not noisy, easy to use and manage, the housing is metal and heavy, which prevents damage and slipping cars.

Disadvantages. Among the disadvantages, it was observed that the bobbin thread need to put an extra table. To the foot for loop to get used to, they are not very much, not enough, for example the regular and lightning.

Comments. According to many reviews, this sewing machine is the perfect solution for work in ratio of price-quality. She very well sews and has many additional features to simplify the sewing process. Shortcomings in the reviews almost was not. This is further evidence of the quality and convenience of sewing machines Janome.

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