Sewing serger Elna 444

Sewing serger Elna 444 – reviews

Sewing serger Elna 444

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Sewing serger Elna 444 Elna reviews.

Every professional seamstress should have at home sewing serger after sewing things need to give presentation. This can help in sewing serger Elna 444, recently appeared on the market. Left by customers about the sewing Elna serger reviews, mostly positive. Not so much as the other models, so study the costs and characteristics of the model.

Sewing serger Elna 444

Sewing serger Elna 444

The optimal set of operations, which has a sewing serger Elna, ideal for shaping the edges of fabric and trim after sewing. The number of threads in the sewing serger from 2 to 3. Power consumption (overall/lamp) W 110/15. The filling of the needles is automatic. For convenience, set the yarn tension control adjustment clamp tissue, differential feed. The width of the bleed cloth is regulated. In the machine also uses a type of needles EL x 705.

Operations sewing overlock machine has 14. The overlock machine is able to trim the following types of seams: flatlock, chain stitch and coverstitch seam. Stitch length is also adjustable, and can reach from 1 to 4 mm in length and from 1 to 6 mm in width. The foot rises to a height of 5 mm. sewing Speed is limited to 1000 stitches/min. also included are a removable sleeve platform, non-marking, soft case and pedal.

Sewing serger Elna 444 – reviews

Sewing serger Elna 444

Reviews on serger sewing ELNA 444 very little. But those that have, speak only about the advantages and convenience of sewing serger. The disadvantages are practically not detected.

Sewing serger Elna 444

Dignity. All adjustments and settings are simple and friendly. Filling thread is simple, available all the necessary seams. Manual complete and understandable. Beautiful design, the machine is not ashamed to put in a prominent place. It is made accurately and efficiently, inside or out. Included specially for beginners there are already vdet 4 white coil, which slightly facilitates the learning process. Sewing sewing machine is not large enough and does not vibrate during operation. Thread it devuda easy pattern.

Disadvantages. The included tweezers, with which devaysa and refuel threads, lacks inside the lines. Without them, the threads are too thin and slip. The case that comes with the serger, though good, but still soft.

Review. Sewing overlock Elna 444 – excellent multi-purpose model. The majority of the price is higher than other models. But this sewing serger worth their price quality and a good career.

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