Space music Electronic music «Flying in space». Cosmic trance and relaxation. The Melody Of The Universe


Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – Space music Electronic music «Flying in space». Cosmic trance and relaxation. The Melody Of The Universe.

Space music is a separate branch of music, which uses the so-called sounds of the cosmos. This space music or the music of the Universe is great for reflection and meditation. To bring thoughts in order, use a cosmic trance, and the music helps to enter into it. Also helps space music relaxation.

Music about space was born relatively recently – with the emergence of electronic tools and the beginning of the space era for mankind. Since then, as it became possible to fly in space, music on the theme of space travel has become quite popular. Very much interested in listening to space, to look at a distant star.

Many of the melody of the cosmos helps to dream. Other fantastic music moves for real achievements. Of course, the song of the cosmos in one way or another accompanies all the works on the relevant topic. In the movies about space travel and the music sounds clean, and in the final, climax. Electronic space music will help to feel deeply unearthly atmosphere. Even music in fiction is very important. And often space melody from the film becomes an independent musical hit. Even if it’s just background music without words, the melody on the theme of science fiction will appeal to thousands of listeners.

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