The FIRST DANCE. Music for the first dance at the wedding. Wedding waltz of the bride and groom

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – The FIRST DANCE. Music for the first dance at the wedding. Wedding waltz of the bride and groom.

The first dance of the young – this is always a very heartwarming sight.

Usually the first dance at a wedding performed at the registry office after the bride and groom exchanged rings. Wedding music sounds solemn and romantic. Dance of the bride and groom perform the wedding at the Palace. It’s not like their first wedding dance and first dance to the status of a real family.

Music for the first dance is chosen depending on the preferences of the young. As a rule, their dance, the couple performed a waltz. So the music of the first dance of the bride and groom is often a classic without words. However, there are many modern waltz-time songs that perfectly fit wedding waltz.

Wedding music is particularly melodic. Background music without words emphasizes that the focus at the wedding – just the couple. When is the first dance young music fades into the background. But the first wedding dance looks like a single unit. And he will certainly become a decoration of wedding video.

It often happens that the young prefer to play a wedding in the fall. So often the wedding sounds autumn waltz. Usually it is a slow and tender waltz, because there are faster variants of this dance (e.g. Viennese waltz). In addition, often the waltz of words. But for a wedding celebration fit better to dance the waltz «a minus» (that is, without words). So the music of the waltz becomes an ornament, but not the protagonist of the celebration.

Wedding and dance concepts are interrelated. Moreover, the first just can not do without the second. After all, the married life much like a dance. Major in it – a husband and wife, once the bride and groom. Therefore, the first dance and the wedding is the symbolic beginning of a new Chapter in relations between the young. Let the music help them to make this Chapter interesting and happy!

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