The organization of the workplace of a seamstress how to arrange lighting etc.

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today’s article – The organization of the workplace of a seamstress how to arrange lighting etc..

Incorrectly located the workplace of a seamstress or even its absence can considerably spoil your mood. Tune in a working mood will be difficult. If all attributes for tailoring located in different places, before starting work, you will have to spend a lot of time to get it all right, and after the work clean the working place and position. That is why if you are actively sewing, the organization of the workplace seamstresses will help you get from work is a pleasure, and not be distracted by all sorts of stuff.

How to organize the workplace of a seamstress

Any seamstress wants to have in your work area. The perfect workplace seamstress includes the area for multiple units, a large Ironing table and sacriecing and other Goodies. But for the most part, in modern apartments are not so many places. For people who value the appearance and interior of their room, inventing new ways to discreetly hide the equipment. This helps them special pull-out furniture, in which you can place a few sewing machines. This furniture does not cause «suspicion» and at the same time all the equipment will be at your fingertips.

The organization of the workplace of a seamstress

To meet all your demands and interests in the clothing business and understand how to organize the workplace of a seamstress, you can use a few simple rules of organization of working space.
Area for sewing in the organization should be well lit. Distance from the device to the eye shall be not less than 30 cm, and the light should fall on the left. Lighting at night should be bright enough.
According to the General rules of the organization of the workplace of a seamstress should include a zone of moisture-heat treatment, the zone of cutting, and accordingly the area for sewing. Of course, arrange all this in a small area is problematic, so they often have to sacrifice something. At the very least, necessary desktop. It will house your sewing machine.
For cutting fabric of the workplace need a lot. Of course, you can do it on the floor, but soon you might be back problems and knees. Well if it is a large, sturdy table. If it is not, you can do the usual sliding table book.
The same table-book is also suitable for moisture-heat treatment. Also this may be suitable and Ironing Board. When the organization of the workplace for Ironing you can iron immediately after sewing, instead of waiting for when you have a mountain of stuff.
Quite practical and economical solution to contain the work area seamstresses rack with large folding counter. For her after work you can hide the machine. And on the shelves of the rack can store all sorts of stuff and supplies for a seamstress.
If the right to organize a plan of the workplace of a seamstress, and journalists, all will be quite comfortable.

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